How-To: Ghost Sun Catcher

The sun catcher project is one of our most popular choices among customers whether it’s their first, fifth, tenth time dropping–in or they’re having friends in for a birthday party. The studio-made shapes are one-of-a-kind and oh, so versatile! They can be made into colorful works of abstract art, become mini vignettes, or singular objects; your imagination is the only limit. This ghost sun catcher is a simple spooky project to add some spirit to your windows. In three easy steps, you’ll have a floating friend you’ll want to keep up all year!

Supplies Needed:

·       Sun catcher shape

·       White confetti glass

·       Black 3mm glass

·       White frit glass

·       Pistol grip hand cutter (aka glass cutter)

·       Running pliers (aka breakers)

·       Glue and toothpick

Step One: Cover the back side of your sun catcher in white confetti, using the least amount of glue needed to make it stick.

              Hint: Use two layers of confetti for a more filled-in (but still translucent) look.

              Once the back is covered to your liking, set it aside to dry. Don’t try to flip it yet! Give the glue a bit of time to tack up while you do step two.


Step Two: Cut black squares out of 3mm glass for the eyes using the glass cutter and breakers.

Hint: If you’d rather not use the glass cutter, you can always use nippers (with safety glasses) to make the shape of the eyes.

After you’ve cut the eyes, it’s a good time to flip your ghost over, so the confetti is now on the table, and the smooth side of the glass is facing up.


Step Three: Glue on the eyes, then add a piece of white frit on top of the black squares.

You could totally stop here and have a super cute and spooky creation. If you’d like to add a little something more, try some stringer eyebrows or a confetti mouth!

Hint: Play around with the angle of the eyes and eyebrows to go from a scary specter to one that feels a little more like Casper.


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