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DIY, Makers Fused Glass Art Studio

With over 100 fused glass projects starting at around $15 “all in,” we have something for everyone!

I Made It! Glass Creations is the first of its kind in the Bay Area, a drop-in DIY, makers glass art studio dedicated exclusively to fused glass. No appointment or previous experience is needed, but an appointment for parties of 5 or more is appreciated and we are always open for groups or parties. 

Our warm and friendly staff will walk you through the fun and rewarding process of glass fusion. As a project-based studio, materials, your choice of decorative glass, instruction and assistance, studio time and firing are all included... so you know your costs before you start. 

You choose from over 100 fun and functional projects (or make up your own) ranging from bobbi pins to bike bells, silver boxes to serving pieces. Then select colored glass shapes and sizes and use non-toxic Elmer’s gel glue to secure your colored glass to your project foundation and create your one-of-a-kind fused glass treasure.

Depending upon the size of your project and your artistic style, the time it takes to create a fused glass project can vary from 20 minutes to several hours, with most of our first timers averaging about 1 hour.

Once your decorative artwork is complete, it will be heated in one of our four on-site kilns to nearly 1500 degrees and melted into a beautiful fused glass work of art. Come back in one week, pick up your project, and be amazed at your skill as a glass artist!

Located in Marin, just 5 minutes off the 101 in the Bay Area, schedule a unique kid or adult birthday party or special event, or attend a homeschool class or camp.

In our warm and welcoming beginner friendly studio you will have a great time creating fused glass art. Learn a new skill, show off your amazing talent, and don’t forget to tell your friends, “I Made It!”

 DIY Makers Fused Glass Art Studio
 DIY Makers Fused Glass Art Studio

β€œWe had so much fun and the results were great! Such cheerful staff!”

β€” Lynda, Declan & Fletcher
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